Gladia Capital is an independent private equity firm

Gladia Capital is a private equity firm focused on making investments in middle-market companies. The firm partners with talented managers, providing them with the resources they need to sustain growth, build solid companies and unlock value.

About Gladia


We regard each investment as a partnership and offer significant upside to management. Our team has an outstanding track record for marking disciplined and highly profitable investments. We employ flexible transaction structures, including minority ownership, to meet the specific goals of sellers.

Our Approach 


We believe in making decisions based on maximizing the long-term success of our companies, and is achieved through solid business execution, continuous self improvement, and measuring and rewarding performance against key value drivers.

Investment Strategy


We devote significant resources to each transaction. Additionally we dedicate time and energy inside our portfolio because that is the key value creation vector for companies that are experiencing transformational growth.

Investment Process