Investment Strategy

At its core, Gladia Capital is a business builder, committed to investing in well-positioned middle-market businesses that have the potential to improve operationally, strategically and financially.


Gladia Capital looks for investments with the following parameters: 

  • Fundamental qualities:
    • High-quality businesses that have significant untapped potential for revenue and EBITDA growth. Proven ability to generate free cash flow
    • Strong position relative to their competitors. Potential to sector  consolidation
    • Operating in a stable-to-growing industry
  • Target size of investments:
    • Range of €5,0 MM - €25,0 MM equity tickets
    • Larger under certain circumstances with co-investors
  • Type of deals:
    • Control investments and/or significant minority investments
    • Growth equity capital; Management Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts
  • Geographic focus:
    • Headquartered in Spain
    • Potential of strong business internationalization
  • Industry:
    • We acquire businesses in a wide range of industries
    • We favour companies in sectors such as industrial,
      retail, food & beverages, business services, healthcare, transportation and leisure/tourism