Our Approach

Our goal is to transform middle market companies into mature companies that are known for their excellence, while generating exceptional long-term returns for our investors and operating partners. Investing for Gladia Capital is based on five basic principles: 

1. Focus on Genuine Value Creation

Gladia Capital focuses on increasing the value of its investments by improving the portfolio companies posture and their operating performance.

This is done through the direct and personal involvement of Gladia´s partners with the management of each portfolio company, by developing operating and strategic plans during the Investment Process.

2. Emphasis on Management Excellence

The quality of management at each portfolio company is a key component in the value creation process. The ability to identify, recruit, train and/or retain management teams drawn from the vast network of contacts available to the partners of Gladia Capital is a significant competitive advantage in the private equity field.

3. Focus on the middle-market Segment

Since its establishment, Gladia Capital has maintained a consistent and exclusive focus on the small and mid cap market. Gladia believes that this segment is particularly well suited for its hands-on, value-added investment approach because small and mid cap companies often lack access to critical financial, operational or strategic development resources and therefore represent excellent candidates for improved performance and growth.

4. Innovative in Acquisition Structures

In an effort to create a strong foundation for each transaction, we are open to a wide range of investment structures, including minority ownership. Our work is oriented towards forming partnerships that will work for the long term.

5. Prudent Use of Leverage

Given the volatility of the macroeconomic variables which result in highly volatile operating cash flows, unpredictability of refinancing sources and the uncertainties about timing of exits, Gladia Capital is, in general, reluctant to burden the operating companies with eavy debt loads.